Early Access Version 4 Available!

Hello! If you weren't already aware, this game is in Early Access, and you can buy it for $9.99 which gets you access to the current Early Access version of the game, any future early access versions of the game, and the final release of the game when that's available. If you already purchased the early access [spent $9.99 or more], then this is a free download.

Today I uploaded version 04, which is a pretty good one. It adds:

  • Optimized FPS
  • The first boss
  • Better gamepad support
  • ~15 new rooms [and some mostly inaccessible new secret rooms]
  • A crazy amount of the less-good old rooms have been redone
  • Removed the down-key alternate backflip controls because I don't like how it interacts with fall through platforms and gamepads
  • The Dash ability
  • Death
  • Checkpoints that respawn you [when you hit the R key at death] and heal you at touch
  • Nerfed wasps
  • Various bug fixes


SuperSkelemania_EarlyAccess04.exe 15 MB
May 27, 2017

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