~~Progress Report~~

These updates have previously only been available on Gamejolt, but it seems silly to keep doing that with itch's devlog feature, so here's an update!

As you can see from the [very large] gif, we’ve got a lot of great new stuff in the upcoming Early Access version! First of all, you can save and load your game now! You should even be able to load save files from older versions of the game [from this point forward]. We also have a second save file option, so you can start a new game without having to delete your old file. Save file deletion is also an option now!

Holding the save selection is the game’s new title screen, with some new title music to go with it. You can quit from the game to the title at any time with the escape key, or back button on gamepad.

In terms of game content, we’re actually almost done. Gameplay-wise, all that’s left is the 3rd boss and the final short area. There’s still a lot of art, sound effects, and some music missing, but the gameplay is there to play. A lot of it has changed too. If you’ve been following along with the early access updates, I hope you’ll like how I’ve changed the flow of the game. There’s a lot more choice in this update in terms of where you can go, but you shouldn’t be able to get too lost. If you do get lost, we’ll be adding a map eventually which should fix that.

Early Access 06 will be available on July 31st.
Thanks for reading.

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Great that you're doing this on itch too now! :) I didn't even know you did these until now!
Good to hear that you're nearing completion gameplay-wise. Looking forward to the rest!


Thanks for commenting! They haven't been regular for months now, so you haven't missed much. I did them a lot in the early development when new mechanics were being added daily. Late-stage dev is too slow for weekly or even bi-weekly updates.