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Explore the colorful underground as an agile skeleton. Backflip to reach higher ledges, roll your skull to get under tight spaces, or dive into the unknown like a true skeleton adventurer to find a way to return to the surface in Skelemania!

Skelemania features:

  • 192 rooms to explore
  • 6 Unlockable abilities
  • 10 unique areas to explore
  • A varied cast of enemies
  • Frogs of various colors
  • Fantastic soundtrack by Ayrayen (included in download)

Music by Ayrayen

Bratus Font (all text except title and key HUD) by Jupiter Hadley

Try the much-improved sequel, Super Skelemania!

Play the original, Super Skeleman!

*Please note: The description for the Warp item is incorrect in the items menu. Press the W key to warp, not the C key.*

Release date Oct 27, 2015
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(31 total ratings)
AuthorBen Allen
Made withGameMaker
Tags2D, chiptune, Colorful, Exploration, GameMaker, jumping, Metroidvania, Minimalist, secrets, Skeletons
Average sessionAbout an hour


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that was excellent!! i really didnt expect to have so much fun with the movement, the exploration too had me in its grip for like 3 hours straight. thank you for making it!  

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, thank you for commenting!

god, how do I clear the deadzone?!

with great challenge

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Like an idiot, played most the game (4/5 skeleton pieces found) and went away for a bit, came back and I can't remember how to teleport to frogs, pressing C like the upgrade instructions say doesn't work.

Can you confirm that you have the warp upgrade? You can see all items you have in the pause screen (escape key should open that)

Yes I definitely do, remember warping between them before. And the instructions for the upgrade are listed in the pause menu

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What I'm fishing for is whether you still have the item or not, and didn't quit the game without saving since you got it. Because I can't really think of anything else that would cause this item to not work.

If you've checked and are 100% certain that you have the item, could you email me a copy of your save file? You can find my email on my itch page.

[Responding here in case someone else runs into the same issue] 
Apparently this tooltip is wrong and has been wrong for like 6 years! The key to warp is W. W for Whoops!

Thanks for checking, actually did remember it being something different when I got the item, but thought I'd already tried W, must have pressed every button in that area of the keyboard except W.


Glorious game!

Doom levels very hard and challenging.

I loved so much this game. I sweated so much. I got so angry. It's so hard, and mechanically scary to get it right and pass some parts. Thanks for this awesome journey :D

one little last question: Is there any part at the top right of the map or is it just black ?

i played 8 hours, searching in everywhere, but found no entry. I don't mind spending another 12 hours searching for it, i just want to know if there something there... (*-*)

And, i think i forgot, your game is amazing :D


The entire map can be filled! The method to accessing it is a tad bit unfair to the player. If I had made the game now, I wouldn't have done it like this. There is a hint or two on how to access it in the frog village. It is something that can be missed on a first playthrough, so you may have to start a new save to access the missed content. I will also add that the actual reward you get isn't exactly worth the effort... there's videos online if you'd like to see someone complete it without doing it yourself. I wouldn't blame you for skipping it.


Oh, it's pleasure for my eyes to read this. Well, well, i think i'll give three chances starting from start, if i can't find it, i'll see how to access it in videos. I have to try.

And I must say that the first time I played, I suffered to pass the final pink part and gave up. But now, I tried again and complete everything except the last part. And I have to say, minutes before i finished, the only thing I really wanted was to see the complete and fully colored map, and when that happens, that will be the reward that will make me so happy.. :D

Thanks again, for the game and for the answer :)


I love this game!  I completed it without the full map.  I would love a hint as to how to access the upper right corner.  I've started a new game and I want to get to Frog City before I get "a little too experienced".  Please give me a hint!

If you can find the blue spirit, then you're questions will be answered! Here are some hints that you should take close not of from the game:
1. The frogs that tell you about the blue spirit, and how you are "too experienced to see it"
2. The frog that tells you about walljumping
3. There is another frog outside of Frog Village which says he just saw the Blue spirit. It's possible that the blue spirit might appear in that room... but only when you are "unexperienced"

Instead of trying to get to frog village early, maybe try to get to that frog who saw the spirit early?


Sir, first, now i have 12 hours in this game, and that blue guy scared me so much. But there are 1 billion places that that guy could choose to live and wait for, seriously did he just choose that hard place ? Second, there is tree things that little kids never will know; how old universe is, how long universe is, and how to do the FREAKING walljump. Dude, i feel like i spent all my luck on it, cuz the first try of tree, i was so naive, trying to pass that specific wall, and BUM, out of nowhere, i did the jump. Im not kidding, tears literally started to fall from my eyes, and when i saw that blue spirit, i was so scare. Im so proud of myself for not having watched the videos, cuz that experience was so good. I found the rooms, but i still dont know how to acess the last part :( Please, please, dont tell me that i have to enter each room in numberical order without die and without using the rabbits, please, dont tell that... 

I'm not sure how to give you a hint without knowing what you have and haven't already done. Could you tell me everything you've done so far?

Some notes: the game doesn't require you to do anything without rabbit statues or without dying. I'm not sure what specific wall you are referring to, but there is one very difficult wall which you have to climb. 

Basically, I completed all areas except for the lab. I found all skills (including that of the Blue Spirit) and found 5 hidden rooms.

The "specific wall" I mentioned was that one room before the Blue Spirit place at the beginning of the game.

This is strange, I thought that to enter the last part, I had to enter all the hidden rooms in a single attempt without dying or using teleport or saves from rabbits. Well, if you saying that I dont need to do this, I'm happy again :)

You simply need to enter each one once. After you've entered all 5, the gate will be open in the secret room in the cyan area. You do have to climb a very tricky wall to get to it.

As a warning, the reward for getting past this is the hardest area in the game. And there isn't a reward for completing that challenge other than having the full map completed. Just letting you know ahead of time in case you choose to take on the challenge.

so you gotta get that damn blue imaginary spirit you can only meet once or somethign >:-(


Skelemania - holy crap, for the graphics style this is incredibly slow. Was this programmed in Unity or something?


It's gamemaker. If it's slow, that's unfortunately not my fault. All older game maker games have a tendency to run slow on some computers and fine on others. Sorry if it's running less than 60fps, there's nothing I can do :(


That's very surprising, I thought gamemaker was quite a fast engine in general. :) All good dude.


It is fast! It's just that games made with older versions of GameMaker have gotten slower over time (Skelemania was made in GameMaker 8). GameMaker: Studio and Studio 2 have improved a lot over past versions.

2spooky! Awesome stuff, very neat visuals.

Hey , Can I play  your game as background at a VJ gig?

I'll put all credits you want !

I guess so, yeah!

I loved your game. I've found every secret, but I can't pass all the DOOM stages. Got stuck in the one with the pillars and the dragon-like things that throw fire in 3 directions. I think I'm gonna try it again sometime.

thank you!

Really cool game, just wondering what the meaning f the skull in glitchland is?

Was originally going to be a boss fight, but I ended up canning it. Didn't want to waste it so I put it there. Kind of wish I didn't now since I've heard some people mistake it for "the skull" that is mentioned when you collect the missing skeleton parts, when I actually mean the smaller one from the beginning of the game.

Holy macaroni! Awesome game! I loved the plot twist in The Lab, that ending had me in tears! It took a long time to beat but I'm glad I did! Keep up the amazing work!


Wowzer! That's awesome that my game could cause such a reaction. Thanks for commenting!!


'Tis a pleasure, as a matter of fact, I'm learning some Gamemaker and for my first game thingy I'm going to do it in a similar art style, a homage you could call it..


Cool, I'd love to play it! Send it to me whenever you feel like it needs a player.

Will do! It's in its very early stages, but once I feel it is playable I'll be sure to send it to you!

Awesome game, awesome art!

Thank you!

Hi I just wanted to say that this game is absolutely wonderful and I love it and good job.

It's also really beautiful, seriously, just gorgeous stuff all the way through.

Thanks you so much!!! :D

Hi, I'm not sure if you are aware of these, but it is possible to jump over high walls by doing the backflip repeatedly against a wall. Also, another thing I noticed was that sometimes the backflip makes the player jump really high up (like 5x the normal jump) - this usually happened when touching a wall or a corner when backflipping.


First thing is actually a walljump, which is a secret ability I added for sequence breaking. Second thing is a glitch that might never be fixed. I know the walljump isn't the best walljump, but I wanted it to be secret, which is why it feels like a glitch. At some point I will come back and fix old bugs, but right now I just want to work on other things. I'm lazy :(

Is there anyway to change the controls to WASD instead of the arrow keys? I really enjoy the game, but I have hand confusion when I go into panic mode


Not currently, no. I would say I'm planning to add a keyboard rebinding option, but it would probably never actually happen :( sorry

Man, that's a bummer. Are you still looking for bugs?

Not really, I've seen most of them. Fixed a few, need to fix a few more. Will hopefully do that this weekend after Thanksgiving. If you find anything let me know though.

Deleted 8 years ago

Glad you like the game and sorry you're having trouble! I've thought about it but it kind of defeats the point of the game. I've noticed that most people that can't get the hang of backflip are jumping and then changing directions in the air. It doesn't work that way. You have to change directions on the ground and then jump. Let me know if you're still having trouble!

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Looks great! Can't wait to try!

Edit: Like it so far, looks like a good play.