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Skelemania - holy crap, for the graphics style this is incredibly slow. Was this programmed in Unity or something?


It's gamemaker. If it's slow, that's unfortunately not my fault. All older game maker games have a tendency to run slow on some computers and fine on others. Sorry if it's running less than 60fps, there's nothing I can do :(


That's very surprising, I thought gamemaker was quite a fast engine in general. :) All good dude.


It is fast! It's just that games made with older versions of GameMaker have gotten slower over time (Skelemania was made in GameMaker 8). GameMaker: Studio and Studio 2 have improved a lot over past versions.

2spooky! Awesome stuff, very neat visuals.

Hey , Can I play  your game as background at a VJ gig?

I'll put all credits you want !

I guess so, yeah!

I loved your game. I've found every secret, but I can't pass all the DOOM stages. Got stuck in the one with the pillars and the dragon-like things that throw fire in 3 directions. I think I'm gonna try it again sometime.

thank you!

Really cool game, just wondering what the meaning f the skull in glitchland is?

Was originally going to be a boss fight, but I ended up canning it. Didn't want to waste it so I put it there. Kind of wish I didn't now since I've heard some people mistake it for "the skull" that is mentioned when you collect the missing skeleton parts, when I actually mean the smaller one from the beginning of the game.

I liked the graphics and the music, it goes great with the mood of the game. Congrats!

Holy macaroni! Awesome game! I loved the plot twist in The Lab, that ending had me in tears! It took a long time to beat but I'm glad I did! Keep up the amazing work!


Wowzer! That's awesome that my game could cause such a reaction. Thanks for commenting!!


'Tis a pleasure, as a matter of fact, I'm learning some Gamemaker and for my first game thingy I'm going to do it in a similar art style, a homage you could call it..


Cool, I'd love to play it! Send it to me whenever you feel like it needs a player.

Will do! It's in its very early stages, but once I feel it is playable I'll be sure to send it to you!

Awesome game, awesome art!

Thank you!

Hi I just wanted to say that this game is absolutely wonderful and I love it and good job.

It's also really beautiful, seriously, just gorgeous stuff all the way through.

Thanks you so much!!! :D

Hi, I'm not sure if you are aware of these, but it is possible to jump over high walls by doing the backflip repeatedly against a wall. Also, another thing I noticed was that sometimes the backflip makes the player jump really high up (like 5x the normal jump) - this usually happened when touching a wall or a corner when backflipping.


First thing is actually a walljump, which is a secret ability I added for sequence breaking. Second thing is a glitch that might never be fixed. I know the walljump isn't the best walljump, but I wanted it to be secret, which is why it feels like a glitch. At some point I will come back and fix old bugs, but right now I just want to work on other things. I'm lazy :(

Is there anyway to change the controls to WASD instead of the arrow keys? I really enjoy the game, but I have hand confusion when I go into panic mode


Not currently, no. I would say I'm planning to add a keyboard rebinding option, but it would probably never actually happen :( sorry

Man, that's a bummer. Are you still looking for bugs?

Not really, I've seen most of them. Fixed a few, need to fix a few more. Will hopefully do that this weekend after Thanksgiving. If you find anything let me know though.

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Glad you like the game and sorry you're having trouble! I've thought about it but it kind of defeats the point of the game. I've noticed that most people that can't get the hang of backflip are jumping and then changing directions in the air. It doesn't work that way. You have to change directions on the ground and then jump. Let me know if you're still having trouble!

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Looks great! Can't wait to try!

Edit: Like it so far, looks like a good play.