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9 Till Void is a turn-based deckbuilding roguelike that features neither deck nor cards. As the newly-appointed Spellsword of these lands, you must fight your way through the corruption, with an arsenal of carefully chosen spells, to reach the source of darkness and destroy it from within.


9 Till Void is played on a 9x9 grid, where each row correlates with one of your spell slots. You can only cast a spell if your character occupies the same row on the board as the spell, so your position always matters.


Buy new spells to become more powerful! Where you choose to place your spell is just as important as what spell you choose to buy! If you place the spell in the topmost spell slot, you'll only be able to cast that spell at the top of the level.


  • 72 Different Spells
  • 5 Playable Characters, each with a unique ability and starting spell
  • 5 Locations, each with unique spells and enemies to discover
  • Procedurally generated levels for endless replayability


If you'd rather have more control over your spells, custom mode allows you to start runs from any of the 5 locations with pre-chosen spells. Custom mode is perfect for test driving spell combinations without having to hope for perfect RNG.

Release date May 19, 2020
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(30 total ratings)
AuthorBen Allen
GenreStrategy, Card Game
Made withGameMaker
TagsDeck Building, Mouse only, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Roguelite, Tactical, Turn-based, Turn-based Strategy, weird
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Tried your game this morning, it was fun!

Has anybody actually beaten this game? It's WAY too hard, even on Novice. Played it for a good 8 hours - no luck.  I can usually get to the snowfields and that's it.  Also, how do you kill the Skeleton Knights? 

It's a challenging game, but definitely beatable! I would recommend trying a custom run to experiment with different spells in different areas (you can choose a loadout of any spells you've discovered and start from any area you've been to, so it's a great way to learn and experiment)

Probably the best advice I can give is to really think critically about the spells you choose. Many spells in this game are situational. They might look really bad, but can be game changing in the right situation. Maybe a spell looks bad now, but maybe it'll be amazing against a specific enemy type in a future area? Similarly, a spell could be really good at the start of the game, and then lose effectiveness as you progress. Don't let one spell be your constant crutch.

If you still find yourself stumped, you might be able to get some tips from folks on my discord server -> https://discord.com/invite/B7RpMkm

The spell locker guy BADLY needs nerfed. If he spawns and is far away, boom. End of run, nothing you can do, you're trapped with no way of fighting back. Done. Maybe make it so they can only move every other turn or something, because it's far too potent as it is.

Cultists definitely aren't a guaranteed run ender, although they're certainly a tricky puzzle to solve. When playing, try looking for spells that would specifically help you beat cultists. Area of effect damage spells, long ranged damage spells, silence effects, spells that give you actions, or spells that deal damage without having to cast a spell at all (row of strength or row of sacrifice, for example (there are others as well!)) are all good ways to handle cultists. 

Hope this helps!

Any chance for a Mac build? Thanks, cheers

Not currently possible for me, sorry :(

I know at least one Mac user that got it working in Wine, although it wasn't thoroughly tested.

Understood, thanks for the reply!


Another puzzle roguelike with quasi-deckbuilding elements and just judging it based on the graphics, you'd be forgiven for not giving it a second thought. The presentation and layout scream first hobby Indie project, but this game offers some seriously clever strategical gameplay decisions to the player. What makes this stand out is how your positioning on the board decides the attack you are able to use. You continuously optimize your row setup by unlocking new varied skills, which open up a ton of strategic and tactical decisions. Add a bit player progression, unlockable characters, several difficulty levels, and this is an unassuming small gem that is very, very easy to overlook and if you have any interest in the genre would definitely be missing out. 4/5

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Thanks for such a nice review!

I played your game and gave some feedback.


Fun and really difficult. Can be frustrating but feels really rewarding to get further and further. I recommend it


This looks really cool! Can't way to play it!


I played it! It was really cool!


Glad you enjoyed it! Will try to get the full game out sometime around or before this summer

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That is cool! I still haven't figured out how long the demo is because I keep dying in the desert. I really enjoy the game though, I try to maximize coins in the first levels. It quickly becomes overwhelming depending on where and how far from you the  enemies spawn but I think I'm still improving. :) 

do you feel like the sandlands are too difficult at the moment? Its a pretty big difficulty spike, but I feel like it’s a good challenge. I’m biased though, so others might feel otherwise (the demo ends when you complete sandlands-4 btw)

I think it's fine for the demo now that I know the last one is sandlands-4.  I think the difficulty curve is too steep (for me) if there is more game. I would be frustrated for not getting past this point.  (I still haven't managed to beat sandlands-4.)